How to Break Down Strongholds 

Jesus Sets Us Completely Free

Many of us have experienced traumatic events as early as childhood. These events can dig roots into our mental core and keep us in a faulty thinking pattern for the rest of our lives. They become strongholds, and these strongholds can only be shattered by God's truth. The way to tell that you are living with strongholds is if you are carrying any of these behaviors: depression, lack of self-worth, rebellion, sadness, addictions to drugs or alcohol, eating disorders, anxiety, aggression, anger, lack of emotions, spacing out often, suicidal, and more.

Important Steps to Freedom

Acknowledge the problem

"The problem is not the problem; denial of the problem is the problem." We need to acknowledge that something is not going right in our lives. Usually this is shown through an irrational behavior.

Look to Jesus as your hope

We need to realize that our freedom can only come through Jesus. His sacrifice sets us completely free from curses, sin, demonic oppression, and mental strongholds.

Surrender everything to Jesus

You have to bring every hurt, worry, care, burden, and sin to the feet of Jesus. Lay everything down because it is no longer yours to carry. Feel the weight being lifted off of our shoulders.

Receive Freedom

Now that you have laid everything at Jesus' feet, ask Him to cleanse you with His blood and receive His truth, love, joy, and freedom in Christ.

Jesus Will Set You Free 

Download our Breaking Free from Strongholds prayer guide below: