Good Friday & Resurrection Weekend

Because He lives we can face tomorrow. We’re not alone or hopeless because Jesus lives.

If you fight your battles with Jesus, you always win. You don’t have to go through life alone!

When we are facing many challenges and warfares, it feels like everyone has left and we’re doing life without support, but it’s far from the truth.

In the last two weeks, I have been sick and yet doing many TV and social media broadcasts. I had so much on my plate with little help. However, Jesus was by my side and carrying me through the tough days. And as I didn’t give up, the miraculous power of my Savior increased all the more in my life.

Sometimes it feels like when you needed people the most, they were only into themselves and everyone checks out. But Jesus never checks out.

Jesus says to you today:

-I will never leave you nor forsake you.
-Come to Me and I will give you rest.
-Abide in me and I abide in you. If you abide in me you bear much fruit.

We just received a powerful testimony from Turkey:

Former Muslim man from Turkey says: “Isik Abla because of your teachings on TV, my life has miraculously changed. I had no way out. I had no hope. Now I have so much amazing things happening in my life. I’m being discipled by you, I’m learning how to walk by faith.”

Other Encouraging News to praise God for:

1-) 5 On-Air Salvations from this week’s Turkish LIVE program.
2-) This week’s Miracle Hour with ISIK, thousands watched and many were writing in the comments of how they were surrendering their all to Jesus and receiving His miraculous touch.

Enter His rest this beautiful Good Friday and Resurrection weekend.  Reflect on his beauty and love.

With deep appreciation for the cross and His Resurrection power.

Blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter!