Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Statistics: (15-20% of men and 30-40%, of women) reported being childhood sexual abuse (statistics vary)
  • Physical Abuse: both physical and sexual abuse and were associated with subsequent adult victimization.

Consequences of Sexual Abuse:

  1. Increased emotional and mental health problems.
  2. PTSD
  3. dissociation
  4. anxiety symptoms
  5. depression
  6. suicide attempts
  7. significant disruptions in normal development, lasting into adulthood
  8. poor self-esteem, shame and self-contempt.
  9. Drug &Alcohol abuse.
  10. Treatment: Healing Prayer and or therapy is needed.


  1. Christian Healing Prayer:
  2. Mind Renewing Healing Prayer-Healing prayer approach I developed evolving from Theophostic Ministry (a.k.a. Transformation Prayer Ministry); a type of counseling where God brings light into a previously darkened area of a person’s mind.

*Frank Meadows has seen over 20,000 sexual and physical abuse memories completely healed, and symptoms greatly resolved using Mind Renewing Healing Prayer

  1. ROOT PROBLEM: Is the victim’s “interpretation” of events in memory.
  2. The Lie: Years later what remains is the child’s interpretation of the abuse and formation of core foundational beliefs or
    1. The most common types of Lies in abuse:
      1. Shame
      2. Fear
      3. Powerlessness


Healing Process: the 3 W’s.

  • Wiring
  • Woundedness
  • Willingness



  1. Open in prayer – Invite the Holy Spirit
  2. Tune into, feel emotions, body, images.
  3. Tune into Experiential part of mind.
  4. Record emotions and lie-based beliefs.
  5. Reinforce emotions and bodily sensations and follow.
  6. Emphasize free will and choice.
  7. Anchor the recipient.
  8. Invite Jesus – Ask Him to communicate His Truth to their lie-based beliefs.

“I am trapped, powerless, can’t stop it.” I am dirty, bad, shameful, it’s my fault. “I’m terrified, they will hurt me if I don’t comply or if I tell.” “I’m all alone, no one’s there for me. I’m bad, unlovable.”

  • Confirm resolution.


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