Humility & Repentance

Humility & Repentance

Learn the Two Major Keys to Getting Right with God:

  • Repentance

What does it mean to repent? Repenting is the act of telling God you're sorry and making a commitment to not indulge in that sin anymore. 

*But what about grace or "70 times 7?" God's grace is there to forgive us when we in turn are being sincere with our apology. 70 times 7 has to do with offenses (to read more on this click here).

  • Humility 

What is humility? This is when you think of yourself less. Humility is putting your titles, talents, wealth, family---just about everything down, to acknowledge that you are nothing without God, the Father.

How do I humble myself? Seek God first and put yourself last. Acknowledge that without God, you can do nothing. Serve others as if they were your own body.

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