Dear Friends,

Despite the evil taking place in the world today, our God is moving in a mighty way. The Holy Spirit is at work all the more behind the scenes. Everywhere I go, I am seeing God’s favor and the Spirit’s outpouring.

There is a spiritual hunger for the truth in the Muslim world today unlike anything we have seen before.

Almost every week, people are calling our live show and receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior. Last week, there were three salvations on one program! And millions are hearing these on air salvation prayers. We ask for your prayers that God to give us fresh fire and living bread from heaven to feed the hungry. We appreciate you for your love and support and for being part of our ministry!

In 2013, I began producing English-language shows for Inspiration TV that target 170 million people (many of whom are Muslims) in Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The format for these shows includes preaching, teaching, testimonies and interviews. The content comes largely from my own life experiences as a former Muslim woman who endured abuse, pain, and suffering under the cruelty of Islam, yet found freedom, healing and joy in Jesus Christ.

Recently, NRB requested my English shows on their channel. They reach 43 million households in the USA – at no cost! In addition to NRB TV, KUGB-TV28 in Houston and TLN (Total Living Network) in Chicago are now airing my shows. All of this began in April of 2015. We also will be on Youtoo America (a network with twelve million cable homes in large markets such as New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles) and Biz TV (a network that currently reaches 25 million homes across the US).

This is a new season. God is doing new things in the ministry and new things in my heart! For a long time now, I have been troubled and concerned for America– that the Western world would “wake up” – and I have been praying, like many of you have, for revival to come to our generation. God has placed a burden on my heart to do a whole new series of programs that will focus on “hot-button issues” such as ISIS, Jihad, Sharia Law, the Persecuted Church, child trafficking and many other relevant topics from a Christian perspective.

We have been receiving tremendous amount of responses from countries such as: Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. Our Facebook receives 3.5 million daily hits with over 1.7 million likes. We receive messages from people all over the world asking about more about Jesus and Christianity.

Please pray with us for protection, increasing anointing and more workers. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few!

Deep In the Harvest,

Işık Abla

Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days– You would not believe if you were told.” Habakkuk 1:5

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When I was a Muslim, I had so much zeal for my god. This was a god with whom I had no personal relationship! He never talked to me when I cried out so desperately to hear his voice. I was seeking my creator. I needed to know that he loved me. The more I studied the Quran I felt nothing but hatred and depression. BUT JESUS answered me and gave me a place in His heart! He revealed Himself to me in a way that changed me forever! I walked into TRUE LOVE and I will never turn back! There is so much more to this life when you live for Jesus Christ! Are you seeking more in your life? Turn to Jesus today. SHARE to bless others!
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