Healing Your Feelings of Shame and Self-Contempt 

Guilt and shame are feelings that come from lies that we believe about ourselves and our circumstances. They may arise from the same experiences and become what the Bible calls a "stronghold" (2 Corinthians 10:3-5); it becomes a strong core belief inside of us. You can be free of guilt and shame through repentance and inner healing. 

Repentance is asking God for forgiveness with your whole heart and then turning from sinful desires and acts. This is necessary for the sins we commit due to our fallen nature. We need to cling to God's Word in order to continue to transform our minds to think and act more like Jesus. 

Inner healing is necessary for the strongholds and lie-based beliefs we may carry. It is a process of getting to the root of the outward problem. Learn more about these steps to freedom in the downloadable guide for overcoming shame and self-contempt. Be set free today!

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