Spirit of Suicide

Allow Jesus' healing touch to set you free from the spirit of suicide and live your life for Him.

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What is Behind the Spirit of Suicide?

1. Wounded Soul 

This includes wounds that penetrate deeper than the physical surface. Ex: Rape, Molestation, Abuse, Rejection, Abandonment.

5. Rebellion & Disobedience 

This is a form of witchcraft. It produces anger toward yourself and others. It is usually accompanied by a complaining spirit.

2. Hopelessness 

Feeling hopeless means you have no hope in tomorrow. There is always tomorrow! And with Jesus, things always get better!

6. Victim Mentality 

In this state, you are your own idol. You pity yourself in every situation. This opens doors to demonic forces.

3. Believing Lies & Deception 

Are you believing thoughts like, "Nobody loves me; nobody cares for me?" You are believing a lie from the enemy. Jesus loves you so much and He has good plans for you!

7. Self-Hatred 

Not loving yourself will often lead you to self-harm. E.g. Cutting yourself, bulimia, anorexia, etc. This is not God's will for you. He loves you. 

4. Spirit of Betrayal 

Betraying people makes you feel disgusted with your life. You begin to feel remorse, which is different than repentance. Remorse is of the flesh. Repentance comes from the Spirit of God.

8. No Purpose / Meaningless Life 

Life becomes worth living when you live in obedience to God.

Do You Need Freedom?

Our ministry has provided an easy to download prayer guide on this page that will help you seek Jesus for your complete deliverance. This prayer guide will help you, your family, and loved ones who are weighed down by this spirit and set you free today.  

Write to us at info@ISIKABLA.com to receive a personal prayer.

Find Your Freedom in Jesus

This is for everyone who is tired of carrying this heavy burden. Jesus will set you free of suicidal thoughts and feelings from this day on. Have hope in Jesus and receive freedom and healing today.

*When you opt in above, you also consent to receive our weekly devotionals via email.