God Makes You Fearless

Are you tired of being fearful & worried?

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Anxiety & Fear go hand-in-hand...

You can be set free in Christ!

  • Unfortunately, you can’t have fear without anxiety. They go together. Maybe you have noticed that you are experiencing both and they are robbing you of joy and peace throughout the day. God never wanted you to live in this sort of bondage. 
  • Maybe your thoughts are cycling in your head about what you’re supposed to do, your responsibilities, your future plans, or you’re feeling doubts about your God-given calling or purpose? Many people experience fear and anxiety when they’re trying to take things into their own hands. If this is you, I want to encourage you to leave every burden you’re carrying at the cross right now. Lay everything down at Jesus’ feet and live freely in Him. Don’t worry about tomorrow, Jesus said, because tomorrow will worry about itself (Matthew 6:34). God is your Provider. He is you Helper…Everything you need in is Christ. He is the answer. Trust and lean on Him today.
  • To read more about a journey through breaking off anxiety and fear, please be sure to download our weekly devotional below.  

What does our weekly devotional offer?

In the Freedom from Anxiety / Fear Weekly Devotional...

  • You will find personal testimonies from the author and step-by-step prayers to freedom in Christ.
  • There are powerful scriptures to meditate on & declare aloud throughout your day.
  • Included also are encouraging personal tips on how to stay free once you've given your fears and anxiety to God.
  • We have included ways that you can reach out to our ministry to receive personal prayer.