ISIK-aboutIŞIK ABLA (pronounced Ishyk) was born in Turkey. She was raised—and physically abused—in a Muslim home, only to escape into even deadlier abuse by a Muslim man she married.

Işık entered college when she was only sixteen and earned a bachelor’s degree in literature, followed by an advanced business degree. She worked in high-ranking executive positions for some of the largest corporations in Turkey and traveled throughout Europe.

In 1996, she fled to America from her violent Muslim husband after he tried to kill her. Other tragedies took place brought her into a state of despair. After years of struggling to start her career all over again in a foreign country and failing in many areas of her personal life, Işık fell into deep depression. She became suicidal.

On the day she was planning to end her life, she had a personal encounter with God. That day, she surrendered her life to Jesus and she received the supernatural healing and redemption of Jesus Christ. From that moment on, her life remarkably changed for the better. More doors were opened, and she was given a position as CFO, then as CEO, of a European corporation.

In the meantime, Işık served in many capacities as a minister, an evangelist and public speaker. She also enrolled into college to study Computer Science. After a while, she realized that God was calling her into full time ministry. She left her 2nd college and went to Ambassador’s Commission School of Ministry. Soon after her graduation, she became an ordained minister. Işık is currently studying Masters in School of Divinity on Theological Studies.

In 2009, Isık began hosting a satellite TV program on Kanal Hayat – Turkish language Christian Satellite channel. There was an overwhelming amount of response through these programs. Two years later, because of tremendous responses from the Muslims, she began a live call-in program: The Way, The Truth and The Life that is simulcast on Turkish and Farsi TV channels throughout the Middle East and Europe. The responses started multiplying as the lives of Muslims were being transformed.

Currently, Işık’s TV programs target approximately 500 million people in the Muslim world. In 2014, the ministry reached 250 million people only through Social Media. Facebook has received an overwhelming response of 1.7 million likes and 3.5 million daily hits from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, Yemen, India and the U.S. Thousands of messages are received monthly.

Because of the high demand and God’s calling, Işık started Embracing New Life, TV programs in English and aired on INSP TV (Inspiration TV). These programs are targeting hundreds of millions of Muslims and are being dubbed into Urdu, Farsi and Arabic.

Indonesia: Recently Işık received an invitation for her programs to be dubbed into Indonesian language as her ministry started receiving a demand and a great interest from Indonesia.

America: In April 2015, Embracing New Life began airing in the United States on NRB Network; KUGB TV, in Houston, and TLN, in Chicago. Also BizTV and Youtoo Networks will be airing her programs in the U.S.

Through Işık’s programs, viewers from all over the US, Europe and Muslim nations receive Işık’s message of hope, love and freedom in Christ. Işık is also the founder and the president of Işık Abla Ministries. Public Speaking: Işık has been receiving invitations from churches for conferences on the following topics: Freedom in Christ on addictions, emotional hurt, freedom from past, anger, abuse, insecurities, etc. She also receives invitations from the churches to preach on revival.


Sometimes you want to hold on to everything---every emotion, every care, every responsibility, every hurt. That's a lot. It can feel overwhelming when we take on everything like that. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you suffering with anxiety because of it? God doesn't want you to lose any sleep or peace over your situations. Give Him everything today. Release to Jesus every care and worry that is on your heart and mind. He will give you true peace. Say "Amen!"
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The pain you experienced is not in vain if you turn to Jesus at the end. I found out that His power was at work in my storm. Every time I share my story,I receive more healing and freedom. Your past wounds will bring healing to others if you allowed Him to heal you. This is your season of helping to the hurting and abused with your past scars. Jesus will be by your side as you share His light with others who doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can be His lighthouse! You can be His arms and mouthpiece. You can be Him to many.
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Are you stressed and feeling overwhelmed today? God wants to lift every burden off your shoulders. How do you release your worries to Him? You have to open your mouth. You have to tell God, "I don't want to carry this anymore." Tell Him what those burdens are! Then ask Him to give you His peace 🙏
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