Jesus Will Set You Free From Substance Abuse

Are you struggling from drug and alcohol abuse? Are you feeling weak or depressed from your temptations? Are you living in the same cycles: free from addictions for a week and then falling right back in? Do you want to break free from these bondages?

Addictions will prevent you from living the life God destined for you. God has a clean, fresh, and thriving plan for your life. Many people are struggling to break free from addiction today. Is this you?

Your body is meant to be a sacred and consecrated temple for the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you. He is there to guide you and help you live your life for Christ. Substances like drugs and alcohol hinder you from hearing the voice of God through the Holy Spirit. Without Him, you lose the only One who can help you find your destiny in Christ.

Take a look at your life today. Have the addictions you've faced pushed away loved ones? Are you finding it hard to keep a job? You are not alone. Click Here to read our literature on a real life testimony of the up-close effects of substance abuse. Through this testimony learn how to set your mind to overcoming addictions in Christ.

Jesus Christ is your Healer and Deliverer!

When He died on the cross for you, He took sins, sicknesses, and even addictions with Him to the grave. They are no longer your burdens to carry. The addictions you struggle with do not own you. By the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, you are set free. Believe in the power in Christ's name and in the meaning of His sacrifice for you, and you will find your freedom today.

If you’re currently battling addictions and are finally ready for your breakthrough in Christ, fill out the information below and download your Freedom from Addictions Guide with scriptures today.

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