Deliverance in a Nutshell

Deliverance in a Nutshell

Deliverance is FREEDOM!  It is redemption and complete freedom. Without freedom no one can truly be at peace, happy or fulfill his/her destiny or potential.  If you are not free, you won’t have joy. If you don’t have joy, you won’t have strength!

Deliverance produces fulfillment and complete reconciliation with God, with yourself (which is your identity), with people and with your calling.

What are demons?

We are speaking of another dimension that we cannot physically see.  This is the Holy Spirit versus evil spirits!

In the Bible, they are referred to as demons, unclean spirits, evil spirits, and are even identified as serpents and scorpions.  They are fallen angels who are breath, air and smoke. They don’t have bodies and that is why they need physical bodies to operate. They need people so they can influence, manipulate, lie, torment, deceive, and steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).


Learn FREEDOM today!

The biggest mistake Christians make is that they think they only hear from God. They don’t believe they are capable of hearing from the enemy.  You need to train your ears to recognize the voice of the enemy!  To win your battle, you need to know these four things:

Know your God

Know your identity

Know your enemy

Know your weapons

Click below to download a complete guide on Deliverance.  You will learn about the major demonic principalities, how to recognize the signs of their control, and how to fight back with the full armor of God! This includes my personal testimony and a deliverance prayer that covers all!

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