Emotional Healing & Cleansing

Jesus Can Set You Free From Hurt

Have you been rejected, insulted, offended, neglected, or abused? These emotions tend to hurt us physically and spiritually. When an ungodly emotion buries roots into your soul it is called a soul wound. How do you know if you have soul wounds? Think about something or someone from your past who has hurt you.

If feelings of sadness, guilt, shame, anger, or hate manifest, you are still hurting. If you are not emotionally healed, then you are not free. If you are not free, then you do not have joy! If you feel that you are still hurting from a past wound, you need deliverance and cleansing.

Only Jesus can bind the wounds of the broken-hearted. Only His blood can wash away all feelings of shame and guilt. It is so important to take emotional wounds to the Cross when you feel that you are carrying them. If you do not take care of the roots of these hurts, you will remain in bondage.

Jesus loves to pour His healing and love over us! If you are ready to be healed, delivered, and cleansed in Christ, click the box below to download our free prayer guide with scriptures. Let Jesus Christ set you free today!

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