Did you know that un-forgiveness keeps you in spiritual bondage?

There is no worse feeling than feeling trapped in your own hurt and anger. Unforgiveness is a sin in the eyes of God. Who are you helping when you forgive? You're really helping yourself! We are meant to forgive others of the offenses they have caused us the same way God forgave us of our unpayable debt of sin. He not only forgave us but made us His Children. He promises to remember our sins no more. This is the example we need to follow when forgiving others. When we choose to forgive, we are set free!

Forgiveness is a choice and then an audible declaration. You can't just forgive someone in your mind because it will stay in your spirit. Declaration is the key to complete forgiveness in Christ. Do you need help forgiving others for the wrongs they have committed against you?

Forgiveness Sets You Free!

It's time we start forgiving others the same way God forgave us at the cross. Download our free prayer guide below to start your process to forgiving others and yourself today.

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