Humility & Repentance

How Do I Get Right With God? 

Learn the Two Major Keys to Getting Right with God:

What does it mean to repent? Repenting is the act of telling God you are sorry and making a commitment to not indulge in that sin anymore.

But what about grace or "70 times 7?"
God's grace is there to forgive us when we in turn are being sincere with our apology. 70 times 7 has to do with offenses.

What is humility? This is when you think of yourself less. Humility is putting your titles, talents, wealth, family---just about everything down, to acknowledge that you are nothing without God, the Father.

How do I humble myself? Seek God first and put yourself last. Acknowledge that without God, you can do nothing. Serve others as if they were your own body.

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