Knowing God's Will

Learn how you can stay in God's will!

To know His will, you need to know God. Believers tend to carry this fear of not being in the will of God. We want a superantural GPS that tells us every turn to take and when. We want the full blueprint to God's purpose for us. We need to know God's heart and voice in order to stay in His will and obey Him. How do you do that? By taking time out of your day to read and meditate on His Word, and then also through prayer and spending time just seeking His Presence.Staying in His will means that you're hearing His directions for your life. God will tell us certain things, "Yes" and "No," but sometimes He tells us, "Wait."

This is when things get tricky...!

How are we supposed to be in God's will during the waiting? What if we don't hear God clearly in the moment? What if what God tells us is not what we want to hear? All of these questions are addressed in our ministry's Prayer Guide which you can download below. May it bless you and help you find your answers through God's Word and prayer today.

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