Power of the Cross

There is Power in the Cross!

What is the Cross?
The Cross was Jesus' sacrifice for us. He became the curse of sin (death) and took the weight of the sins of the world to the grave. He overcame Satan through His resurrection on the third day. The Cross signifies the ultimate exchange; Jesus gave His life so that we would be re-established to our blessings and lives before the fall of man. We were meant to live in relationship with God the Father, without sin and without curse. Jesus gave us back our identity and authority by the pouring out of His sinless blood. He made us perfect through Him! 

How do I apply the Cross to my life?
Faith in the finished work of the Cross is our way to walking in every spiritual blessing and overcoming every sin and curse in Jesus' name. If we don't believe, then Satan has an open door to our lives. By believing and receiving the grace of God through Christ's sacrifice and resurrection, we become overcomers and have authority over all the powers of darkness. Tell Jesus that you believe in His sacrifice and resurrection. Believe that You have been set free from the curse of sin through Jesus, and receive your freedom in Christ today! 

Walk in the Benefits of the Cross

 Download our prayer guide with scriptures below to appropriate the power of the Cross to your life! Receive healing, deliverance, and every spiritual blessing in Christ. 

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