Praise & Worship

Power in Praise and Worship 

Did you know that praise and worship has the power to expel the enemy from your life? When we are praising and worshipping God, we are in His divine presence. The enemy cannot stand our prayer, praise, worship, and Agape love!   

 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6 

 What Does Praise & Worship look like?
Depending on how the Holy Spirit leads you, praise and worship could look anything like the following:

Laying Prostrate/Bowing
Several examples from scripture list men of God falling on their faces or bowing whenever the Lord's presence fell on them.

Numerous psalms list examples of praising God with dance and musical instruments. The Lord loves dance!

Lifting Up Your Hands
Lifting our hands is a sign of surrender. Surrendering to the Lord tells Him, "You alone are worthy, God. Take it all!"

Praise the Lord by lifting your voice up to Him! He sings over us. When a song is placed in your heart, sing to God.


Worshipping Him can also mean being silenct in His presence. Sometimes we just need to enjoy His presence in stillness.

Shouting & Clapping
Some say it is not dignified to shout and clap in the Lord's presence. The Israelites would shout and clap in battles and especially in victories! Sometimes the Holy Spirit will lead us to do the same.

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