Self-Control & the Power of God 

How to Overcome Temptations with the Power of Self-Control 

We live in a fallen world and because of this, self-control is something we all lack to some degree. We are all constantly facing a battle between our Spirit-man and our flesh. The Holy Spirit helps us to grow in this area by revealing the parts in us that need more self-control.

Maybe you struggle with a bad temper, judgmental and critical spirits, addictions such as smoking and drinking, lust and adultery, unforgiveness -- God can help you have more self-control in these areas, but you need to surrender yourself completely to God.

Sanctification and spiritual growth come at a price. You need to be completely surrendered to God's will in your life. Whatever needs to be removed from your life, that is not of God, needs to be removed by Him. If you are ready to grow more in this trait, you need to go to God.

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