Values and Conflict

Overcome Issues in the Workplace

It is crucial to identify corporate values in the workplace. Your team needs to have the same values in order to work together successfully and efficiently. If you are experiencing frequent conflict within your team and are struggling to find the solution, this downloadable article and worksheet written by Dr. Kim Jessie will help you in your conflicts.

"According to Aubrey Malphurs, an effective team has a 70% or better overlap in corporate values. Less than seventy percent indicates conflict to a point that team effectiveness will suffer because of misaligned values. As the percentage of alignment decreases, the amount of conflict among team members increases."

Questions for further thought:

1. What are your top five values? Which is most important?
2. How do your values align with the values of your family, friends, and co-workers?
3. How can you help others identify their values?
4. What is God revealing to you about your values?

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