Secrets of Perfect Sleep  

My testimony of freedom from sleeping disorder:

I had a sleeping problem for many years. I used prescribed drugs such as Ambien and then when it lost its affect, I turned to over-the-counter medicines such as Nyquil, Tylenol Pm, Advil pm, Benadryl and whatever else I could find. Those pills lost their power after a while. They slowed down my metabolism and increased hunger and food cravings. I gained weight and ended up sleepless.

After all of this, one day, I was having my quiet time with the Lord, and He spoke to me gently that He was not pleased with me trying everything but Him. I realized at that moment that I never surrendered my sleep to the Lord. I repented from seeking help from anywhere else but Him. I told the Lord, “Forgive me, Lord Jesus, for turning to all these chemicals and putting all these pills into my temple. From now on I will seek You as my only source to sleep. If You don’t give me sleep, then I will pray and praise You. If I can’t sleep, then I will intercede for others and nations. I will read Your Word. If I can’t sleep all night, then it will be an all-night prayer meeting with You. But I trust in You that I will sleep like a baby most of the time. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.”

That was a turning point in my life in regards to sleep. Of course there were days I had a difficult time sleeping. Then that would turn into a prayer meeting with Jesus. I would say, “Since I am not sleepy, Lord, until you give me sleep, I will pray.”

Testimony of a lady with insomnia in her 60s in Denmark:

Over the years, I found myself praying for others to have peaceful sleep at night, and people started giving praise reports and testimonies of how God restored their sleep.

On one occasion I was preaching in Denmark at a big conference. During the altar call, a lady in her 60s came and started telling me her prayer request in Danish. I told the translator to not translate, because by the grace of God, her prayer request was revealed to me. I held her face in my hand and I rebuked the sleeping disorder she has been suffering with most of her life. And also I prayed for peace in her heart. Because the root of the sleeping problem is lack of peace.  I saw tears were rolling down on her cheeks. I hugged her and she left.

The next day, I was preaching at the same place as well. When I made an altar call, the same lady showed up in the crowd. This time I requested the translator tell me what she was saying. This lady was full of joy. She kept hugging me with such excitement. She said she slept like a baby without any medication. She was completely set free from insomnia.

Causes of Sleeplessness

  • Stress
  • Lack of peace
  • Hurt/Emotional wounds – abuse, people’s mean cruel comments, death of a loved one (deep grief)
  • Thinking of negative events, people, movies or news
  • Upset/Angry – angry at wife, husband, parents, siblings, others
  • Fear- fear of night, fear/worry of tomorrow, fear of terror
  • Fear of evil presence in your room or house (All fear needs to be rebuked with 2 Timothy 1:7 “God did not give us spirit (demon) of fear, but love, power and a sound mind.”)
  • Nightmares- These are from the enemy and are demonic. You need to pray for these. There must be an open door to the demonic when it comes to nightmares. Seek the Holy Spirit to show you the open doors. Confess, Repent and receive your deliverance from nightmares. If you are very often having nightmares, you need to pray prayer of deliverance.
  • Worry and anxiety- financial, life, relational or work related worries
  • Other Attacks at night- Breathing problems or stopping breathing (Spirit of death, attack of Jezebel, opened door to witchcraft)
  • Rewinding or replaying past, or any event that bothered you
  • Mind list – overwhelming tasks
  • Extreme busy-ness
  • Physical pain- Back pain, neck pain, pain due to an accident (Prayer for healing first)

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