The Key to Surviving a Storm: Peace

Storms are part of life.  Everyone faces storms, there is no escaping that fact. Some storms can feel overwhelming and we may wonder how we make it. Storms can make us wonder if we will survive.

The disciples faced a storm that made them wonder if they would survive. Luke 8:22 describes the storm’s intensity that rocked their faith, despite the fact that Jesus was in the boat with them. As they began to cross the lake, the storm began to rage and the boat began to fill up with water. The disciples feared for their lives. Jesus had been sleeping, but the disciples woke Him up. They cried out, “Master, Master, we are perishing!” Jesus arose and rebuked the wind and raging water. The storm ceased, and the weather began to calm.  Jesus then turned to the disciples and asked, “where is your faith?” The disciples were amazed. How could this man command the wind and waves?

A storm can be a literal storm, or it can be a difficulty in life. It can be a sickness, trauma, abuse, or even an attack from those we love. As the storm begins to rage around us, it may feel like we are losing hope. As we begin to focus on the waves and the wind, we forget that Jesus is in the boat with us. But maintaining our focus is key.

The secret to peace in the midst of a storm is preparing our lives before the storm arrives. Just as the disciples did, we too can walk with Jesus, learning about His nature and His character. We can cultivate such a relationship with Him that we learn to trust Him fully. As we surrender ourselves to His Lordship, we can rest in Him, knowing that He is for us and not against us. He is a good and loving God. He already paid a high price for us, why would He not help us navigate the storms of life?

It’s true, storms will come in life. It may try to rock our foundation. But it is possible to have peace in the middle of the storm. Jesus is our peace. He is our strong tower. As we abide in Him, we can abide in peace.

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