Let’s Use Our Weapons

The weapons we fight with may not be physical guns, swords, or bombs, but through the mighty power of God, they are Weapons of Mass Destruction and Deliverance. 

The Word of God is our Spiritual sword in Ephesians 6:17. It is quick, powerful, and sharper than any other sword. God’s Word can be life and healing to you or destruction to every demonic power that resists you. 

Prayer is your command station. Its where you receive Heaven’s agenda and instruction. God wants to reveal secrets and strategies that are vital to you experiencing victory. However, how can you receive them if you are not in communication with him? When you pray, God can send reinforcements. Elisha prayed in 2 Kings 6:18 and God struck an entire army with physical blindness. What will God not do for you when you pray?

Praise might be sweet sound that pleases the ears of our God, but it is also the battle cry that sends fear and confusion to our enemies. King Jehoshaphat appointed singers to go before his army into battle in 2 Chronicles 20. By the time they got to the battle ground, all of their enemies had turned on each other and not one was left alive. When we focus our attention of the goodness of God like Jehoshaphat’s army, and recognize that He is so merciful and loving to us, we leave room for God to work wonders and miracles on our behalf. Just imagine what God what do for you if you spent more time praising instead of panicking.

Worship is the discipline that develops our strength. It is complete submission to the supreme and sovereign command of our God and King. The more we surrender our will to His in our daily living, the more He will publicly reward and award us with the treasures of His heart.

Thanksgiving affects both our relationship with God and the relationships with one another. When we give thanks to each other, it motivates us to do more for one another. The more you Thank God, the more joy and contentment fills your heart, as anxiety leaves! The more you magnify God with thanks and gratitude, the more He favor He bestows!

The Blood of Jesus has purchased our victory and guaranteed God’s protection. It is the seal of God’s peace treaty and alliance with you and I. Hallelujah! It is the Banner of Righteousness that should go before us into every battle. It lifts the hand of death and destruction from our families. O how your enemies tremble at the name of Jesus! Much more, when they see that bloody seal, they know that their attacks and their weapons cannot prosper! To fight against the blood of Jesus is a senseless, foolish mission of the Enemy. 


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