Identity in Christ

Know Your Identity in Christ  

Are you walking in the right identity?

Maybe your family, friends, society, culture or others labeled you and gave you an identity that is not the one God has for you. Maybe you know yourself through the eyes of other people or what you do/have done instead of through the eyes of grace.

If you have experienced bullying, intimidation, abuse, molestation, rape, rejection, neglect, abandonment, you may have a false identity. People and events do not label you. Your past has no authority over your future. Only knowing who you are in Christ matters, and when you establish that, God will change your destiny.

Begin to read and meditate on the truths of God's word and His identity for you. God wants you to know how important and loved you are in Him today.

Knowing Who You Are Changes Your Destiny! 

Download the free Guide on Knowing Who You Are In Christ Below:

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