Please Share Your Testimony

Cheryl says: “I felt stuck until I started listening to your videos and fasting with you! Some years ago…a lady was praying over me and the only word God had for me was simply YES! At that moment I thought it was pretty vague…Not anymore I don’t! That word broke a 40+ year smoking habit and deliverance from eating disorders. Oddly enough, I had been seeking the Lord about a very painful question during praise and worship. I promised him I would follow him no matter what the answer was. Again, I heard that YES and He bathed me in perfect peace. I have seen and felt God move in my life in so many different ways since 1987. He is now moving once again in least unexpected ways as I learn obedience, sacrifice, and surrender. Thank you, ISIK!”
Cindy says: “Thanks to this ministry, I have been set free from two major generational curses. Praise Jesus!”
Jane says: “I asked you to agree with me in prayer for the sale of my house so I can get out of debt and move closer to my children in another province. You prayed, “God’s got this.” My house is sold and I am pending favorable home inspection in the next couple of days. Praise God!”
Catherine says: “Thank you for your prayer for my husband. He is healed and came back to God. God bless you sister ISIK.”
Karen says: “Love your message and been doing what you said. When I’m upset with someone or something, I no longer pick up the phone and talk to someone about it. I go directed to GOD. He never lets me down. He is always there with a listening ear. I let His word and love get me though it!”
Melissa says: “This ministry has been a constant blessing since the first day I found you on YouTube!!! Dream Church lifts me up and every time I need encouragement, backbone, and a good talking to, I turn to ISIK!!! Her humble yet powerful insight into Holy Spirit and her sisterly guidance is a literal God Send in the days we now live in. praise God for her ministry and I cannot wait to hug you all when we are together with Abba!”
Jill says: “I used to believe I was a witch. I believed I could read tarot and that I was powerful. I was lost for a very long time. I was so unhappy. I gave up witchcraft years ago but I never gave it to Jesus. I was just surviving with no real happiness. I was scrolling thorugh my news feed and Dream Church was there. I started to watch. I feel Jesus speaking through you. I ahve given my life back to Jesus and it’s only been 8 months, but the changes are amazing! I got a new job! Thank you, Dream Church. Thank you, ISIK Abla, for bringing me closer to Jesus Christ.”

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