I’m a Christian but I still struggle with depression. Can I be free?

Depression can be a distressing and life crippling condition. Many people deal with feelings of depression and some even struggle to live a normal life because of depression.  

Spiritually speaking, depression can be a demonic spirit that attacks us after times of trauma or loss. When we experience difficult times, it is very important that after we take the time to grieve in a healthy way, we begin to address our thought life. Thoughts that are fatalistic or destructive cannot be allowed to have free reign in our minds or they can become seeds that are planted and will continue to grow. If not caught, these thought patterns will become strongholds in our minds that give place to demonic influence.

Depression can be a generational curse as well. Family members before us who have struggled with depression can be an influence in our own struggle. We must recognize every open door either from generations before or in our own thought life.      

There is a way that we can remove these strongholds and begin to experience freedom and regain the joy of our salvation. We must recognize when our thoughts turn negative and begin to take them captive. As we become more and more aware of these thoughts, we must consciously decide not to own them, but to reject them and replace these thoughts with the truth- the truth found in God’s word. We must take a stand against negative thoughts and determine that we will not entertain them or allow them to take root, but we must meditate on whatever is true, honest, pure, lovely and of good report, as it says in Philippians 4:8. This is a strategy that will must walk out our whole lives.

Pray this prayer with me:

God, today is a turning point for me. I choose to partner with you for my healing and deliverance. I declare that negative thoughts have no more access in my mind. I declare that I have the mind of Christ! I reject every thought of depression, and I release the joy of the Lord over my mind, will and emotions. I choose to walk in joy, peace, faith, and hope. I am a vessel filled with the glory of God!

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