Can God free me from Suicidal Thoughts?

The spirit of suicide is just that- a spirit that comes after those who are vulnerable and hurting. It is sent from Satan to destroy lives- lives with great promise and destiny. Those who fall prey to this spirit have been deceived by the enemy to believe that there is no longer any hope.

Satan is a master of death, but God is the giver of life. In fact, He gave His son Jesus to die for us, so that we do not have to die, but live abundantly. This means that there is hope. There is always hope. Satan wants to blind us from seeing any good in our future.  He is the deceiver.

If you struggle with thoughts of suicide, there are things you must know. God purposed you for a life filled with goodness. If you have experienced trauma and loss, this is from Satan. He means to destroy you because you have a purpose that will change lives and make a difference.

To get free from the torment of suicidal thoughts, you must allow God to come by His Holy Spirit and bring healing to your heart. Every memory, every trauma MUST bow to the name of Jesus. Allow Him to have access to those memories. Give everything to Him. Give Him permission to go into those dark places and shed the light of Jesus Christ.

It is imperative that your thought life is submitted to God. Take authority over any thought that is not God-like. Cast down every thought, picture or scene that is not in agreement with the God way of life. 2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us to cast down arguments and every high thing that raises itself in opposition to the knowledge of God, and to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. We have a choice of what we allow to take up residence in our mind. Choose good thoughts. Choose God thoughts.

Ask God to fill you with His love- love for Him, love for others, and love for yourself. It is important to love yourself. In fact, the Bible tells us to love ourselves like we love our neighbors and friends. It is the second commandment. To love well, we must love ourselves well. If this is a struggle for you, ask God to break the lies of shame off of your life and begin to declare your freedom!


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